4th NIC@IIT advanced practical workshop/school

IVSLA International School on Nanoscale Optical Microscopy
26 ottobre 2017

November 27th – December 1st, 2017

A limited number of students (approx. 40) will be admitted in order to have no more than 3/4 students for each instrument or set-up.

On November 27th, Lectures will be open access starting from 2,30 pm ending at 7,30 pm. All together dinner for invited speakers, students and instructors will be offered at 8 pm.

Basic courses will be included for students on:

Confocal, Image scanning microscopy (ISM) and STED; STORM, d-STORM; Live cell imaging; 2-photon and FLIM/FRET; Fast volumetric imaging and particle tracking; Expansion Microscopy.

Starting from November 28th we will have tutorials and practical sessions. On December 1st we will end at lunch time.

Download flyer

For more information about registration fees, keynote lectures, programme of the courses and sponsors visit > https://mix.iit.it/events/4th-nic-iit

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